Composting Manure & BioChar

Thomas Rippel has an awesome vision to turn the world’s soils into lush paradise that will not only reverse global warming but also reduce world hunger by living in a unique relationship with cows and composting their manure with biochar.

Thomas speaks of his vision…

…cows should only eat grass and clover from pastures like the alps and from crop rotation. And the number of cows on this planet should not be determined by our appetite for meat, but by the amount of grass and clover available to us in this wonderful symbiosis. And lastly, farmers should compost the manure of their cows with biochar, giving us all the organic fertilizer we need to grow grains and vegetables for humans without needing any chemical fertilizers…

Thomas is a globetrotter who has settled down in Switzerland to live his life as an organic farmer. Sustainable agriculture is central to his life’s philosophy and combines his passions for cutting edge science, healthy nutrition, animal welfare and combatting global climate change.

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